Podax Podcasts & gPodder

Podax is a podcast downloader and player. It automatically downloads new podcasts from the internet based on a list that was created on the desktop. The widget functions well for quick and easy control, just keep in mind when skipping to the track it removes the last one from the queue. If you use Google Reader to manage your RSS feeds you can import subscriptions from Google Reader to Podax.

    For those that don't use Google Reader, a good method to quickly get a good podcast list going quick is to use a gPodder account. gPodder is an Open Source podcast client for desktops that let's users sync the play list online, kinda like scrobbling on Last.FM.


    Everybody wants their own custom ringtone or alarm, and with this Open Source Android app users can highlight the part of a song they have on their phone already, then save it as a new file, or set it as an alarm or ringtone.

    The original open-source ringtone editor for Android, first published in 2008 and downloaded by millions of users worldwide. This app is the only 'official' distribution of the Ringdroid open-source project; it does not, and never will, contain ads.

Diode a Reddit Browser

    !! Warning !! This app may lead to an addiction of reddit, especially to users new to the reddit community. Diode the Open Source reddit browser for the Android... a smooth and fast reddit browser in your hands anytime of the day. Improve your chances of getting karma by uploading to reddit as soon as there is something worthy of catching and sharing.

Manage Files Through An FTP Server

    There couldn't be an easier way to manage files on an Android device then with a desktop using a mouse and keyboard. The way we'd do that is with FTP, which stands for File-Transfer-Protocol. It is not the application itself but is a way for programs to communicate and has been used for years on desktops, servers, and various internet capable devices. It allows for browsing folders and transferring files on networked machines.

Cowsay For Android

    As a long time Linux enthusiast, ascii art is awful entertaining still to this day. Even though our computers and even mobile devices can move millions of pixels in under a second, there's nothing like the ascii characters moving around (especially when there green). Of all the Linux distributions out there, one of the best (bleeding edge, feature packed, easy to setup, FAST) has to be Sabayon Linux. Right after the installation everything just worked... before the other distributions got the hang of it, but one of the things that made it stand out was that every time the terminal opened a picture of an animal with a funny quote appeared.

EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader

    One of the best Open Source PDF viewers on the Google Play Store has to be EBookDroid - PDF & DJVU Reader. It supports the formats PDF, DjVu, XPS (OpenXPS), Comic books (cbz,cbr), FictionBook (fb2, fb2.zip).

    EBookDroid will open just about every book format, and displays them smoothly and quickly with no lag. It has a very easy interface and lets you access folders on your system without too many "import" features. Books are displayed perfectly and EBookDroid has lots of customization options both general and related to single books.

Daily Money

    Keep track of your funds with Daily Money, a well established Open Source Android App.  With Daily Money you can record your daily expense, income, asset and liability, easily balance your money. Import a CSV file from another accounting program as well as export to an CSV. Daily Money also supports pie and time chart and you can keep your balance secret with a password to open the app.