Manage Files Through An FTP Server

    There couldn't be an easier way to manage files on an Android device then with a desktop using a mouse and keyboard. The way we'd do that is with FTP, which stands for File-Transfer-Protocol. It is not the application itself but is a way for programs to communicate and has been used for years on desktops, servers, and various internet capable devices. It allows for browsing folders and transferring files on networked machines.

    To get started using Open Source software to manage your mobile devices files from the desktop we'll want to download an FTP client. Filezilla will run just about every operating system Mac, Windows, Linux and is the recommended Open  Source program to use.

    It possible to browse FTP servers in any modern web browser typing " ftp:// " before the address to the server instead of "http:// ".

    Now to install the FTP Server on the Android device. FTPServer is the name of Open Source project on the Google Play Store that is quick and simple to setup. After installing FTPServer just pick a username, password, and port.

    After choosing the username and password the FTPServer will display the IP address that the server is running on. That's it, should now be able to transfer files to/from an Android device with a FTP client running on a desktop, laptop or even another mobile device.

Issue Tracker:!forum/andreasliebigapps
Source Code: ??? can't find the source code link, this app may not be Open Source, but still worthy of a mention.

Note: Even though These Apps are Open Source and available from other sources it is still recommended to download them from the Google Play Store. Unless building from source Always use the official Google Play Store to keep your Android device safe, secure, and up to date.