Podax Podcasts & gPodder

Podax is a podcast downloader and player. It automatically downloads new podcasts from the internet based on a list that was created on the desktop. The widget functions well for quick and easy control, just keep in mind when skipping to the track it removes the last one from the queue. If you use Google Reader to manage your RSS feeds you can import subscriptions from Google Reader to Podax.

    For those that don't use Google Reader, a good method to quickly get a good podcast list going quick is to use a gPodder account. gPodder is an Open Source podcast client for desktops that let's users sync the play list online, kinda like scrobbling on Last.FM.

    Go to https://gpodder.net/ from a desktop and create an account (which is free of course) then browse their podcast director to find some shows to follow. When your list is ready go to the setting at gpodder.net and look for export, there will be an option to export your subscriptions to an OPML file. After saving that to the desktop copy it to the Android device so it can be imported with Podax. There is a gPodder client for Android that can be used as well, instead of transferring the OPML file over.

Features include:
- keeping a list of subscriptions
- downloading new podcasts when they are available
- importing subscriptions from Google Reader
- importing subscriptions from OPML
- two widgets for easy controls
- lock screen and notification controls to make it even easier to pause and resume
- discover popular podcasts from iTunes or other Podax listeners
- open source development at Github


Website: https://github.com/thasmin/Podax
Issue Tracker: Email dan@axelby.com with problems or comments
Source Code: https://github.com/thasmin/Podax


Website: https://github.com/thasmin
Issue Tracker: Email dan@axelby.com with problems or comments
Source Code: https://github.com/thasmin

Note: Even though These Apps are Open Source and available from other sources it is still recommended to download them from the Google Play Store. Unless building from source Always use the official Google Play Store to keep your Android device safe, secure, and up to date.