surespot encrypted messenger

    Fueled by a passion for privacy and dissatisfied with current SMS and messaging apps, the creators Adam and Cherie began to design surespot. Their goal is to create a secure messaging platform whose foundation provides end-to-end encryption for all text, shared files, and images. Security doesn't need to be ugly or glitchy and surespot will delight users with an innovative and feature rich interface. Because privacy is a fundamental right for all, surespot is free to use and open source. This creates transparency and invites peer review of security features so you can be confident in their claims. Sharing and Privacy need not be mutually exclusive.

Only the person you send the message to can read it. Period.

    surespot is a secure mobile messaging app that uses exceptional end-to-end encryption for all text, shared files, and images. We can't stop them from looking, so instead we give them nothing to see.

You can delete your message from the receivers phone.

     Be confident sending private information and pictures. You have control over your messages, when you delete a sent message it will be removed from the receivers phone and images are not sharable unless you make them so.

You can block users to prevent unwanted contact or bullying.

     surespot is not tied to your phone number so if you do not wish to communicate with someone you can simply block them.

You can have multiple identities.

     Be who you want with just who you want and keep people or matters separated.

Free Open Source app with no advertising.

    Most people would think that'd it'd be a pain to setup an encryption system, but with sure spot it is fairly simple. There are two ways to setup communication, by sending an invite to a username, or if two people are next to each other one can scan the others QR code.

You can test it by sending an invite to treesloth and you'll get a message from me, but please keep it suitable for work.

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Note: Even though These Apps are Open Source and available from other sources it is still recommended to download them from the Google Play Store. Unless building from source Always use the official Google Play Store to keep your Android device safe, secure, and up to date.