Android Through Web Browser

    If you're an Android power user and enjoy trying out new roms you've probably come across the problem of not being able to access the SDcard. Even if that's not a problem Airdroid is still a pretty awesome application, it lets you access your Android device through a web browser, and looks pretty sharp as well. If your running a rooted device then it also has a feature to show the devices screen in the browser.

    Not only does it look nice, but the features it offers are great. After logging in to your Android device the main screen shows how much space is on your SDcards, what's been copied to your clipboard, and also allows you to see your contacts, messages, and installed apps.

    The screenshot above is a view similar to that of itunes and idevices, it shows an overview of the device. Am currently using a Nexus 7 but the image doesn't display it which is one of the features that is on the way.

    The file browser is clean and fully functional. It features drag & drop support,
cut, copy, paste, search, rename or delete files or folders, even hidden ones.

    Airdroid also features Real-time ROM, SD Card, Battery, CPU and RAM status report & monitor with charts to demonstrate available/used/total resources, and one-tap memory boost. A tasks manager, kill or uninstall running apps, batch operation supported. An Apps Manager that allows you to uninstall, share or check details of user and system apps.

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Note: Even though These Apps are Open Source and available from other sources it is still recommended to download them from the Google Play Store. Unless building from source Always use the official Google Play Store to keep your Android device safe, secure, and up to date.