Cowsay For Android

    As a long time Linux enthusiast, ascii art is awful entertaining still to this day. Even though our computers and even mobile devices can move millions of pixels in under a second, there's nothing like the ascii characters moving around (especially when there green). Of all the Linux distributions out there, one of the best (bleeding edge, feature packed, easy to setup, FAST) has to be Sabayon Linux. Right after the installation everything just worked... before the other distributions got the hang of it, but one of the things that made it stand out was that every time the terminal opened a picture of an animal with a funny quote appeared.

    Am very glad to see Cowsay on Android, nothing like those ascii animals and funny quotes. Cowsay 4 Android has a couple extra goodies, it comes with a couple different animals, can insert custom text, and the ascii art can be saved as an image, text or copied to the clipboard.

License: GPLv3

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